Get set for a month of feeling more on than you’ve felt in awhile. The sun gives you a welcome energy boost that makes you feel extra attractive. You’re likely to exude warmth and give off a friendly, agreeable vibe. You’ll be in the mood to socialize this month. It’s also time to focus on finances, possessions, personal values, self-esteem and nonmaterial resources such as talents. Contemplate what you have going for you and how you can make the most of it.


You feel less social and more spiritual this month. You could end up nursing a secret crush, conducting a relationship in private or making a sacrifice for someone you care about. Selfless love can be rewarding. Don’t try  to play a victim or martyr role. This is a good period for releasing an attachment. Even if you crave extra alone time, the sun should help you feel somewhat revitalized and ready to place more emphasis on you and where you’re headed in the coming year. You’ll be able to motivate yourself and make an impression on others now.


Your desire to be around plenty of people is bound to increase at this time of the year. Group activities and spending time with friends become more appealing, and you may decide to do some professional networking, too. This is the time to attend events where you’re likely to meet new people and perhaps make some useful contacts. You’ll feel more inclined to compromise than compete, so seek out others who share your interests.


This month it will be easier for you to put your best foot forward in your profession or in public. People in authority will tend to see you in a positive way, so be sure to keep a high profile if you need to make a good impression. You’ll find it fairly easy to accomplish your goals with others and may find yourself doing more creative work than usual. The sun is giving you more energy to socialize and also helping you to integrate yourself in groups. You may start thinking about your friendships, the various roles you play in others’ lives and what you have in common with people.


In February your craving for adventure will increase. In the coming month, you’ll find beauty in unexpected places and people. Get outside your habitual routine and circle of acquaintances, and allow yourself to relate to an individual, culture, cause, belief or art form that’s unfamiliar to you. The sun we’ll encourage you to shine in your profession or in public. You could find yourself pushed onto center stage and called to perform in some capacity, and this is no time to be shy. Assess your current standing, and do what you can to show off your capabilities in the next four weeks.


At this time of the year whether you’re in a significant relationship or not, one-on-one time with someone you care about will be rewarding. Any connection you form in the coming month is apt to seem intense. Keep sharing moments with friends it will give you a sense of trust and mutual support. The sun is on the move and will give you the impetus to broaden your horizons by seeking out unfamiliar people, places and experiences. This is a favorable period to take a trip or start studying a new subject, but you can also expand your world just by shaking up your normal routine in small ways that stimulate your mind.


This month, it will be easier for you to feel more in tune with people and inclined to get along well with them. Making peace and expressing affection should both come easily in the next four weeks. Take advantage of this period of harmonious relations by making a point of connecting with others. As the sun dives into your hidden-matters corner, part of your focus will shift to more private connections, including the one you have with your inner self.


In February you have to adopt a positive attitude toward dealing with practical matters. This is a good time to work on a problem in a relationship because of the monthly positive vibe. Your rapport with coworkers is likely to be good now, so shared projects should go smoothly. The sun is crossing your one-on-one angle, also emphasizing cooperation. In the coming month, examine your role in your closest connections and try to become more aware of the effect you have on others. Whether you’re in a committed partnership or not, think about how you can be who you want to be for a lover, friend, mate or whomever else.


In February enjoy your daily life and wear your heart on your sleeve. Love is favored, and you may feel extra affectionate, even with your friends. You need outlets like games, creative projects and other hobbies for this playful energy. You’ll be in the mood to share your feelings, but the coming month won’t be purely indulgent. The sun is moving into your efficiency corner, calling for you to also get things done. Do your best at work and play, spending a portion of your time focusing on your to-do list, job, health and fitness routine.


Your social life may get busier, and your dealings with people are likely to be agreeable. You might choose to beautify your neighborhood or take a short trip to a place that attracts you. As the sun moves to the bottom of your chart, part of your attention will shift to your home, family or people you live with. You could feel the need for peace and quiet and private contemplation. This is a natural time of year for you to reflect on memories and get in touch with your emotions.


This month attract what you need and take advantage of good financial opportunities. Your income or spending may increase in the coming month, as you have the capacity to draw in more —or to covet more. Beauty will be a driving factor when it comes to what you desire. With the sun entering your thought-talk-and-transit zone, your brain, communication and daily life are apt to speed up. This is a good time to consider how you express yourself and how you filter information. None of us see life through a totally objective lens; consider how your lens affects your mindset, your words and your interactions.