You can tell when a person is really passionate about what they do. It shines through them like sunbeams, and the drive they possess is almost contagious.

Today we wanted to introduce an inspiring woman Jacqueline Lopez!
She was born and raised in an island called Florianópolis on southern of Brazil. An Aries with heart in piscies.

Now, we’re going to let Jacque’s words speak for themselves.

“Growing up in a tropical island made me fall in love with nature and all its elements. Creativity has always been present in my life from an early age. I always liked to invent and create my own things. Having that artistic/creative side advertising was my career choice. But over the years I began to feel the urge to do something more meaningful, to feed my soul, so then came my original art work.Inspired by the colors and natures movements my art emerged unintentionally. I put my heart and soul in every art that I do, it fills my life with joy and I hope to bring the same joy to everyone that gets in touch with what I’m doing. I hope to inspire people to see how sweet life can be.

I practice yoga and try to meditate as often as I can. I have the habit of reading books, many at the same time, I am always in search of knowledge, especially the “self- knowledge”. I believe that if we do good, we receive in return. Life gives little presents all the time we just need to be aware to see it. I love the moon, but I am a person of the day, I wake up early every day and I try to enjoy it as much as I can, the nights for me are more contemplative than active. Currently I work for a clothing brand and parallel I do freelance as an illustrator and paint in my spare time, but I hope someday work full time only with my art, this is my goal for the next year. 🙂 ”


Instagram Profil: @JacqueLopez