Open heart


Living with an open heart means that one is vulnerable to hurt, disappointment, and rejection. It means living as if there is no such thing as a broken heart. Openheartedness also requires a couple of other things besides vulnerability. Authenticity and gratitude are a big part of it.

Deep inside all of us is a brilliant light of love. This gift of love never has to be figured out, fixed, or solved – it just is. It is when I relinquish control and completely surrender that I know I am in my truth because I am not in charge. In this moment I trust that everything is as it divinely should be. It is a true invitation to follow suit, to look at a new path regardless of any boundary I may have created for myself.

When I think back to the moments in my life when I have been entirely present, they have been when I surrendered fully, was extremely vulnerable, and didn’t worry how that vulnerability would be received. I wish every day could be this spiritually in shape, but it is because of these moments that I know there are endless possibilities. I know that I am the only person in my way, and that is extremely humbling and inspiring all at once.


Soy candle made pure and 100% natural essential oils – Lemon and lavender. Soft natural scent.

8 oz


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