Purifier synergy essential oil blend

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Intention: To purify and eliminate negative energy.

The process of purifying your home by burning sage has been around for centuries. It is a sacred art that uses sage leaves to remove negative energy from a room. Sage can be dried in bundles and then burned, allowing the smoke to pass through a room or house to cleanse negative energy. But burning sage in a home can be messy, smoky, and leave a very powerful smell. So sage essential oil is a more modern way to get the purifying powers of sage without activating the smoke detector or causing asthma problems. You would fall in love with the smell of the Purifier which is very rooting and motherly.

Ingredients: Citrus racemose, Lavandula angustifolia, Boswellia carterii, Thuja occidentalis Salvia officinalis

Grapefruit rose: Gaiety, serenity, invigorating, Rebalancing, aerial disinfectant

True Lavender: Calming, promotes sleep, overwork, stabilizing Incense:

Energizing and calming, soothing, inspiring, invites meditation, reflection

Thuja: Keeps away bad energies and dresses up positive energies Promotes meditation, Air purifying

Officinal Sage: Sacred plant of the ancients. Associated with immortality. Symbolize clarity, purification, life itself and through intuition guide to wisdom Stimulate the brain


* For diffusion only. Not recommended for young children and pregnant women.

Instructions for use: Place a few drops in your diffuser.

Synergy – Diffusion 10 ml 100% natural, pure & active essential oils

Made in Quebec.

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