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Mini Cart

Barefoot Yogi (howlite, kids)


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Small: 1-3 years (5” inches)

Medium: 2-5 years (5.25 ” inches)

If the size you need is not listed, simply let us know the size you wish to have in the ”note” section of your purchase.

**For children’s safety..Please note, these are small objects.


Made of Howlite & Sodalite:

Howlite absorbs your own anger – or another’s anger that is directed toward you. It helps to overcome critical or selfish behaviour.


Sodalite is associated with the thyroid.

Wear it when you want to lose a few pounds.

It helps in communicating and will give confidence to speak more.

Sodalite is said to bring joy to a heavy heart and to encourage self-esteem, self-trust and self-acceptance. It is a useful crystal to have around during a team exercise as it is said to promote harmony, trust and solidarity of purpose between group members.

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