Today we wanted to introduce the inspiring woman behind @TheFirstMess. We had the chance to discussed with her, we talked about food (obviously), and more. Her vegan cookbook is in the works for Spring 2017. Food lovers, you definitely need to visit her website, you’ll be in paradise.

Now, we’re going to let Laura’s words speak for themselves.

Read on!

When did you start @TheFirstMess?
I started the blog in June of 2011. I had finished a nutritional culinary program and had been working in restaurants for a while. My friend suggested that I start up a site focused on the kind of cooking I was doing at home and at work, so I did!

What are your inspirations for your vegan cookbook for Spring 2017?
Eating for plant-based wellness as well as for joy and happiness. The food is wholesome and easy to make, but it’s also beautiful and elegant in an earthy way. I want people of all lifestyles to embrace this way of eating from every angle. I’m not an absolutist and I hate rules, so my aim with this book was to attract all kinds of eaters, vegans, omnivores and everything in between, and to get them excited about eating plant-based meals.


Are you more fruits or veggies?
I could honestly eat fruit all day, every day. I follow a ton of those raw ’til 4/high carb vegan Instagram accounts, and the platters of fruit that show up in my feed always make me drool. Since I live in a cooler climate though, it’s more practical to go heavy on fruit in the summer months. I always try to eat everything in balance.


Why an healthy lifestyle is something important for you?

It helps me to feel more vibrant and present to everything else happening in my life. I find pleasure in preparing and enjoying food, but I also see it as fuel for everything else I have going on. When I take in crummy fuel (excessive sugar, refined flour, not enough water etc.), I’m a hundred times more likely to get in a bad mood and my mind tends to wander a bit more as well.

What’s the name of your favorite cookbook?
At Home In The Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin


What is your favorite recipe? 

There are so many that I love and make with frequency. This time of year, I’m really into a big pot of something cozy, like my Moroccan-style vegetable and chickpea stew. It has a bunch of warming spices that fill the house with a beautiful aroma. With a heap of warm brown rice, it’s a hearty and soothing Winter supper. I’m also really into my warm turmeric drink with vanilla and spice in the evenings now.


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